Neighbor Opens Home to Homeless Grandma

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Gean LeVar from Glendale, AZ, lost her husband of 58 years. He passed away in their home. When emergency services entered her home, they found such terrible living conditions that the police had to condemn the house.⁠ +⁠ In a single day, Gean lost her husband and became homeless as she had no children or family to turn to. Her neighbor, Carmen Silva, barely knew Gean but was determined to help her. Even though she lived in a small three-bedroom house with her eight children, Carmen welcomed Gean into her home. ⁠ +⁠ Soon after, Operation Enduring Gratitude, a nonprofit group that helps AZ veterans and their families heard about Gean’s case. As her late husband was a Navy veteran, volunteers showed up to renovate her old house.⁠ +⁠ “We’re all joining together to do one thing, and that’s to make somebody’s life whole,” one of the volunteers commented.⁠ –⁠ h/t: CBS⁠ Photos: 12 News⁠

October 12, 2022

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