Mass. Grandmother, 67, Earns Her College Degree After Nearly 5 Decades: ‘You’re Never Too Old’

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It was an exciting moment that MacIsaac said she waited 49 years to accomplish, as having a family caused her to put her college journey on “the back burner.”

“I always wanted to go back to school but life gets in the way sometimes,” MacIsaac, 67, explained in an interview with SNHU obtained by PEOPLE. “You have a family, you need to raise them and your priority is getting them through college and you take the back burner.”

“This was hopefully a life lesson that you’re never too old to try something, you’re never too old to go to school [and] you’re never too old to better yourself,” she added.

MacIsaac, of Lowell, first started her college journey in 1972, according to SNHU. Her two sons both went on to earn their undergraduate and master’s degrees.

“My oldest son was in the master’s program here, and he graduated in 2017,” MacIsaac said in the interview. “Around that time, I kept seeing [SNHU’s] ads on TV… and I think that was my ‘a-ha’ moment.”

“I said, You know what? I’m alone — I do work full time — but I made the call,” MacIsaac recalled. “And once I made that call, it was very comfortable. They made it very easy… and that’s how I ended up at Southern New Hampshire University.”


November 28, 2021

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