13-Year-Old Boy Uses His ‘Make-a-Wish’ to Feed the Homeless for a Year: ‘It Warms Our Hearts’

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According to WLBT, the pair have a history of providing food to the needy every month, and they recently got added help from the Make-A-Wish foundation in Mississippi after he diagnosed with a rare disease, aplastic anemia, in 2020.

The condition causes the body to stop producing enough new blood cells, leaving patients fatigued and more prone to infection and uncontrolled bleeding, according to Mayo Clinic.

Abraham later underwent a successful bone marrow transplant and found out he qualified to have one of his dreams fulfilled through Make-A-Wish.

It didn’t take long for Abraham to think of the perfect choice, one that would continue the mission that was important to him and his mom.

“I remember we were coming home from one of his doctor appointments and he said, ‘Mom, I thought about it, and I really want to feed the homeless,'” Miriam Olagbegi recalled to CBS News.

“I said, ‘Are you sure Abraham?” she added. “You could do a lot… You sure you don’t want a PlayStation?'”

With help from the foundation, Abraham fed about 80 people around Jackson in September.

“When the homeless people get the plate, some of them would come back and sing to us and thank us,” Abraham told the outlet. “And it just really feels good, it warms our hearts. And my parents always taught us that it’s a blessing to be a blessing.”

Not only that, but Make-A-Wish said they would help Abraham feed the homeless in Jackson every third Saturday until August 2022, ensuring that he can help even more people in need.

November 29, 2021

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