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Shoes That Grow Trees

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The legend of Johnny Appleseed: the man who walked about Ontario and the northern United States spreading apple pips, takes root in a new pair of kicks that biodegrade and grow an apple tree when they are discarded.

Tackling plastic pollution is the principle purpose behind the new shoe, but they also help the environment a little bit by aiding in reforestation.

33-year-old Toronto resident Luc Houle is working to bring “Johnny,” the brand name of the shoe, to market through Kickstarter, which is currently just $1,000 shy of his $55,000 target.

The materials which the shoe is made from contain naturally-occurring compounds which attract microorganisms to feed on and break down the shoe over three years.

Even if you don’t get around to burying them, they will still biodegrade if thrown in a landfill.


December 18, 2021

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