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Mom sends child to school with two lunches to help feed hungry boy

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Dylan felt bad for his classmate who couldn’t afford to eat a proper lunch, so he went to his mom with a request. Only she took it a step further.

When Josette Duran’s son Dylan came home from school one day and asked her if she could please pack him some extra snacks in his lunch for the following day, at first she was puzzled.

She had always packed him enough food, so it was confusing that he would need more.

However, after Dylan explained his reasoning, the whole situation suddenly made a lot more sense.

It turns out the extra food he asked for wasn’t actually for him at all, but instead for a fellow classmate that Dylan wanted to help out. According to Inside Edition, during lunch that day, Dylan noticed another boy sitting alone eating only a fruit cup.

The other boy didn’t have enough money to buy a school lunch, and a small fruit cup was all the boy’s mom was able to afford.

After hearing the story from Dylan, Josette knew what she had to do. No one deserves to go hungry, but unfortunately, the other boy’s mom had recently lost her job and was very low on cash. From that point forward, Josette started packing two lunches for Dylan to take to school every day.

Every lunch included a mix of two sandwiches, snacks, drinks, chips, and fruits, as well a very special note reading, “Have a great lunch boys!”.

November 19, 2021

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