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Cowie Came Home

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Richard Sains shared this heartfelt story on Facebook this past year. Back in August his youngest daughter left her favorite cow teddy ‘Cowie’ in Iceland at a campsite near Vik. She was really upset, but they couldn’t go back to get him. They tried to get him sent to Reykjavik for the end of the trip and when that didn’t happen he booked couriers to go and pick him up, but they didn’t collect. He tried everything for a couple of months but no joy. On Monday, Hattie was upset at bedtime thinking that Cowie was never coming home so he posted about the situation on the Travel Iceland Facebook group. He wasn’t expecting much to happen but by the morning there were loads of comments – people travelling past Vik, people flying back to the UK. Everyone was willing Cowie home and wanted to see it happen! Óðinn offered to collect from Vik and take to Reykjavik where Halldór collected for the second leg back to London. Updates were posted along the way – Cowie had a proper trip home and made lots of friends. There are some great pics – including Cowie chilling with the crew on the plane home! The final handover happened at a pub in Bloomsbury and Hattie was really happy to wake up to see Cowie and his new puffin friend. We often focus on the negative aspects of social media – but it does let you reach out to fantastic people all across the world in seconds who are happy to help you out.

January 10, 2022

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