Power40 is an uplifting, faith based podcast that speaks to all that is going on in our world. This podcast is non-political and non-bias. Our goal is to share with others, real life stories and experiences from notable guests around the country on matters that touch us all.

Highlight the best in us and help change the world.

Our small acts of kindness can lead to great change. One gesture, one inspiring accomplishment, one good act will help contribute to that change. The Power of Humans™ is our way to recognize and reinforce our efforts to improve the world. Power of Humans™ gives everyone a platform to share the good. Join us in positively impacting one million lives annually. By lending a hand, giving of ourselves and encouraging one another, we can make this a kinder and better world.

See. Share. Act. Inspire. That’s Power of Humans™.

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Power of Humans™