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It’s so important to have people like this in your life. Repost @ourblindside Ocean is always one of the first ones to encourage Ashton to try new things even when he’s scared. Yesterday she convinced him to go down the water slide together. Ashton wasn’t sure about it so she described the slide for him and told him she would guide him to the top. After Ash came down the slide he was so proud of himself for being brave and he thanked Ocean for encouraging him to try it. It was beautiful watching my 6 year old supporting her big brother and being there for him. Siblings of children who are blind are always the first ones to encourage them to try hard things.

July 31, 2022

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WATCH This reunion… #Sharegood #PowerofHumans #love #soldierlovers #heartwarming Via: mr_dazy_videos_

August 16, 2022