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“Piper has been stuck by my side through it all and this was his first time seeing me walk in years! Piper is my medical alert and mobility service dog, trained exactly for what I need to mitigate my disabilities by @miservicedogs . Now Piper will always prefer a roll to a walk because I can go much faster, my health is more stable, and I am WAY more fun. That doesn’t mean he wasn’t over the moon seeing me take a few steps!⁠ Piper was one of the first beings on this planet to know I wasn’t breathing on my own. He has been by my side through getting my diaphragm pacemaker, learning to live with it, hiking Arizona and surfing the east coast, alerting to my hypokalemic periodic paralysis, having my ROHHAD come for me, in and out of the ICU, adjusting to me being a 100% non-ambulatory wheelchair user, always learning new tasks to mitigate my health, and now seeing me start to take my first few steps! I don’t know what I would do without you Pip! Happy Birthday!” via: @chronicallypersevering

November 22, 2022

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