A Two Year Anniversary of Living Life One Day at a Time by ShareGood Blogger Tom Messplay

Tom Messplay

A Two Year Anniversary of Living Life One Day at a Time by ShareGood Blogger Tom Messplay

ShareGoodMay 15, 2017 was my two year anniversary of my sobriety. That is 730 days of living one day at a time. My second year of sobriety had mostly positive days from a recovery perspective. Certainly there were also some difficult days. Sobriety does not make life perfect. Being an active alcoholic is far from a perfect life. The sure thing is that a sober life is far better.

I still think about my sobriety every day. I wish I didn’t because those thoughts can be a distraction, but that is not the way it is. If thinking about staying sober everyday prevents me from relapsing into the active alcoholic I once was then it is well worth the distraction.

During a recent discussion about my recovery a friend asked me, “Did you beat it?” At first I was unsure how to answer the question. I don’t remember my answer now, but I know the answer is not easy to come up with. It’s rather complicated. The recovery experts say there is no beating it, and once an alcoholic always an alcoholic. I’m not sure I agree with that. I think it’s up to the individual to define their recovery.

Beating it could also be called cured. Is there a cure for alcoholism? Once again the experts say no and I believe that is up to the individual. Cured could be considered being able to drink again and not resurrect the dependency on drinking. The overwhelming number of people in recovery don’t want to take the chance and don’t even consider it, and I am in that camp. I know some can and do, and that is their choice. I think it’s a dangerous one but their choice none the less.

For me “beating it” is not drinking. The temptation is always there and at times the cravings are still strong. But as long as I don’t drink I think I have “beat it.” I intend to stay sober. I am much better off and so is my family living sober. I have not come this far to go back. I am stronger than I ever have been, and even more determined.

I will continue my sober life, one day at a time.

Power of Humans blogger Tom Messplay shares ongoing posts chronicling his battle with alcoholism.  We thank him for bringing to light a disease that affects millions.  For the first posts in his series click HERE.