Top Five Ways to Spend Your 900 Million Dollar Powerball Winnings


Congratulations! You just won 900 million dollars in the Powerball?!?   Here are some suggestions on how to spend your good fortune.

By Neil Willenson, Creator & Editor of Power of Humans

Number One:   Set up a family foundation with half of the winnings.  You will be able to contribute approximately 5 percent of the original contribution every year until the end of time.   So if you put 200 million in a Foundation, you will be able to donate an astonishing 10 million dollars each year to charity.

Number Two:  Buy your own cruise ship.     You can buy one for a cool 25 million or so by clicking HERE.

Cruise ship

Number Three:  Need a new car? How about the one-of-a-kind Tantrum.


Number Four: Buy an Island. If you win nearly a billion dollars – the biggest recorded lottery win ever – you will become a public figure.  If you want some respite, please consider buying your own private island by clicking HERE. The island in the photo will set you back less than three million dollars.


Number Five:  Unlist your phone number. If you win the 900 million dollar jackpot it might be wise to pay the $1.75 per month it takes on average to unlist your phone number. Otherwise your third, fourth, fifth and 100th cousins will be in touch.

All of us at Power of Humans wish you great luck managing your near billion dollars.