Young Baseball Players Display Great Sportsmanship


At times it seems that many professional athletes could learn the value of sportsmanship from younger athletes. At the recent Little League World Series there were some heartwarming examples of great sportsmanship.
According to USA TODAY:

Chinese Taipei won its Little League World Series game over Uganda 5-0 on Tuesday, but — to torture an old chiche — this was about more than the result.

After the pitcher Wei Hung Chou hit Ugandan batter Joshua Olara with a pitch, in the fourth inning, he walked over to Olara and respectfully tipped his hat. Olara reciprocated.

Screenshot 2015-09-20 08.49.45

Then, when the next batter hit a ground ball and Olara attempted to take second base, he slid in hard on the Chinese Taipei second baseman. He was ok, though, something Olara saw to himself.

Screenshot 2015-09-20 08.49.57


Click HERE or below to see a short video of both interactions.

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