Puppy Becomes Symbol of Hope Following China Explosions


Amidst the horrific images and stories that emerged following the Chinese warehouse explosions, a recent story of a “survival” puppy has brought much needed hope to the region.
According to the BBC:

More than 72 hours after explosions devastated parts of the city, search and rescue teams came across a mongrel puppy at the blast site.

It is not known where the puppy came from or if it had an owner. But Chinese soldiers who examined the dog said it was “miraculously unscathed”.
China puppy 2

It is not clear whether the dog survived the explosions or wandered into the area after the blasts, but the images provided a rare glimmer of good news for Chinese netizens.

“It’s a miracle that the puppy managed to survive such horrific blasts. I hope it will find a good home,” said Weibo user Zun Bao.

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